Arlington Pet Clinic

Veterinarian: Full Time/Part Time/Relief

General practitioner working either alone or with another veterinarian in a walk-in first come first serve type out-patient veterinary clinic providing veterinary care/services to local community needed in Arlington, WA.

Clinical and surgical skills are helpful but not required because those skills can be advanced while on the job.  

Ability or desire to communicate well and provide knowledge and information to pet owners is the most important trait and or skill we are searching for in a veterinarian. A friendly and happy personality that is kind and respectful to staff and co-workers is of utmost importance.  

Part-time to full-time work week is available. Relief veterinarian scheduling can also be accommodated. Semi-retired veterinarians are welcomed. Newly graduated veterinarians with at least 6 months of experience working under another veterinarian are welcomed.  

Veterinarians in laboratory, state or government veterinary positions, large animal/food/livestock/equine veterinarians, food inspectors, teaching or research veterinarians looking for a change in their careers to small animal general practitioner animal care are the candidates welcomed and encouraged at our veterinary clinic.

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